Cwtchycats Foundation Lines

The cats you will find on this page, have all played a part in the history of Cwtchycats. For various reasons, we decided when we started breeding almost 10 years ago that we would import our Ragdolls from various countries, and this is a policy (with a few exceptions) that we have continued to the present day. This has allowed us to get our inbreeding co-efficient as low as we can whilst keeping our Genetic Diversity as high as possible. We are grateful to these breeders for entrusting these amazing cats with us, which have enabled us to breed the healthy, large, beautiful and sweet cats that we produce today. 

Mirumkitty Sapphire Dreams of Cwtchycats

Sapphire (8) copy.jpg

Sapphire is a seal tortie bicolour girl that came to us from Hungary (via The Netherlands)! She was a small girl and struggled birthing, so she had one litter for us with Spud before retiring. Both kittens in this litter stayed with us and are absolutely beautiful girls - Ama & Calli. We have kept a son from Calli, his name is Enzo, and he has stayed at Cwtchycat Towers as a future stud boy (we hope).
Sapphire has retired to a home local to us and is a beloved pet and companion and is doing exceptionally well. 


Koc-Pol Cat Amore Mio II of Cwtchycats (Spud)

Spud (8) copy.jpg

Spud is a gorgeous blue bicolour boy with beautiful deep blue eye colour and a sweet and loving temperament - he also has great boning. He sired a few litters for us and 4 of his daughters remain at Cwtchycat Towers today - Ama & Calli (from Sapphire), Dharma (from Visage) and Amy (from Elise). His grandson Enzo (from Calli) also remains at Cwtchycat Towers.


Marula Dream's Hello Kitty of Cwtchycats (Visage)

Visage (9) copy.jpg

Visage is an outstanding seal bicolour girl that came from Claudia at Marula Dreams' Ragdolls in Germany. I saw a kitten photo of her on social media and fell totally in love. Fortunately, I was able to persuade Claudia to let me have her and she joined us at Cwtchycat Towers shortly afterwards. She had some gorgeous litters for us - and two daughters of hers remain at Cwtchycat Towers -
Dharma (from Spud) and Ava (from Finn).  
She is now retired with a son from her final litter and living a very happy and pampered life in Gloucester.


Ariella Florida of Cwtchycats (Florida)


Florida is a beautiful blue tortie bicolour girl and came to us from our friend Erika at Ariella Ragdolls in Hungary. Although she was never the biggest girl, she had such a beautiful, sweet temperament and her kittens were stunning. One of her daughters - Elise - that she had with Bo stayed here at Cwtchycat Towers and Amy, Floridas' grandaughter is also here.
Florida is now retired and living with a daughter and grandaughter of hers in the Forest of Dean.


RW QGC Make It Mine Cwtchycats Mr Bojangles (Bo) 


Bo is a very handsome blue bicolour boy, who came to us from Vincent and Shirley at Make it Mine Ragdolls in The Netherlands. Bo is just the sweetest, loving boy - even when his hormones were raging. He did exceptionally well on the show bench and achieved a Quadruple Grand champion title and a Regional Win for being one of the top 20 cats in Europe West region. He made some beautiful kittens for us and Elise, his daughter with Florida and her daughter (his granddaughter) Amy, are still at Cwtchycat Towers with us. 
Bo is now retired and living in the north east with a friend and is doing so well and is totally adored.