Adults Available


We have a gorgeous adult looking for her new indoor only pet home within the next few months. In case of interest, please contact us and we can get our questionnaire off to you.


Cwtchycats Bibbidy Bobbidy Boo (Boo)


Boo - 9 Months (15) copy.jpg 

Boo is a beautiful seal point mitted Ragdoll girl, she is around eighteen months old and was spayed without having a litter for us.
She is a sweet girl, who loves her cuddles and she is a chatterbox at times. She also loves her food and a quiet life. She was born here at Cwtchycat Towers.
She would suit a home with no other pets or one non dominant cat.
She does have a slight health issue which is thought to be non-serious and an irritation, rather than a major issue. Please contact us here for further information! 


 If you would like to be placed on a waiting list for an adult, please contact us here and we can send our cat / kitten questionnaire out to you.

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All cats and kittens will come with our full support and advice that may be needed in future times and our assurance that should your circumstances change and you're unable to keep them, they can come back to Cwtchycat Towers or we will assist in finding them new forever homes - this is in our contract!

If you think you may like one of our cats to come and live with you, please contact us and we will send you our kitten questionnaire. Without exception, ALL of our cats MUST go to indoor only homes where they will be loved, played with, adored and groomed regularly and we will require regular updates on how they are doing in their new homes. A contract (similar to this) will also need to be signed prior to their departure. In return, we will be here with support 24/7 if you have any problems or need any cat related advice in the future. This applies to ALL of our kittens or cats.