Cwtchycats FantzyPantz (Keira)
Cwtchycats Mister Mistoffelees (Magic)
"Pygmalion Litter"


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Magic 20 Months


Became proud parents to 5 handsome boys and 1 beautiful girl
born on September 8th 2020. These kittens are pre-reserved and will be adopted by people already on our waiting list. If you would like to join our waiting list, please contact us with your email address and we will send our kitten questionnaire off to you. 


Sassy&Keira copy.jpg
Keira and her sister, Sassy co-mothering!  
(Please note, these kittens are not caged - the door is always open and Mums come and go as they please. This is the biggest safe space we had with enough room for both Mums and 9 growing kittens!


We are very proud to introduce Keira and Magics' litter! 
Keira was an absolute superstar Mum and delivered all 6 kittens unassisted and within just a few hours. Her sister assisted her and comforted her right through the birth and they both cleaned the kittens together and fed them together too. All kittens are doing really well, although Eliza is being bottle fed as she wouldn't suckle from the girls. Kiera is well and eating us out of house and home! We have a mixture of colours - both blue and seal and all kittens are (HM) bicolour.
These Kittens will be known as our "Pygmalion or My Fair Lady Litter".


DSC00280 copy.jpg
Keira and her (and Sassys') 1 Week old kittens

Week 1: It has been an exhausting week as I am 100% bottle feeding Keiras' little girl. This means 2 hourly feeds, 24 hours a day, so not much sleep! zzz  The good news is that she is doing great now, and has almost doubled her birthweight already - this is quite an achievement as she barely took any milk at all for the first 24 hours! 
As well as being exhausting, the last week has been such an enriching experience as well for me as well as, I suspect, for the girls' themselves! Keira and her sister gave birth within 1 day of each other. They were each others' birthing partners, providing support for the other and each welcoming and cleaning all of the babies. This has continued the past week too. The sisters don't have their own babies as such, but both feed all kittens. Sassy will feed all 8 and then Keira will take over and Sassy will go for a wander. It is working really well for them both. As a result of their wish to co-mother, they are in a huge birthing box so they have plenty of room for them and their rapidly growing brods. They are at no pont locked in this crate, they have free access to come and go as they please and their litter tray and food (and more water) is in another room. Both girls have taken to motherhood like ducks to water and are wonderful, attentive and loving mammas to their kittens.


Girl : Green Collar
Eliza (Cwtchycats Eliza Doolitte)

Blue (HM) Bicolour
Under Evaluation

Eliza 1 Week Old (1) copy.jpg   Eliza 1 Week Old copy.jpg
Eliza - 1 Week Old


Boy 1 : Pink Collar
'Enry (Cwtchycats 'Enry 'Iggins)

Blue (HM) Bicolour
Under Evaluation

Enry 1 Week Old copy.jpg   Enry 1 Week Old (1) copy.jpg
'Enry - 1 Week Old


Boy 2 : Gold Collar
Hugh (Cwtchycats Colonel Hugh Pickering)

Seal (HM) Bicolour
Under Evaluation

Hugh 1 Week Old (2) copy.jpg   Hugh 1 Week Old copy.jpg
Hugh - 1 Week Old


Boy 3 : Red Collar
Alfy (Cwtchycats Alfred Doolitte)

Seal (HM) Bicolour
Under Evaluation

Alfy 1 Week Old copy.jpg   Alfy 1 Week Old (1) copy.jpg
Alfy - 1 Week Old


Boy 4 : Blue Collar
Prof (Cwtchycats Professor Zoltan Karpathy)

Blue (HM) Bicolour
Under Evaluation

Prof 1 Week Old copy.jpg   Prof 1 Week Old (1) copy.jpg
Prof - 1 Week Old

Boy  : Green Collar
Freddy (Cwtchycats Freddy Eynsford-Hill)

Seal (HM) Bicolour
Under Evaluation

Freddy 1 Week Old (1) copy.jpg   Freddy 1 Week Old copy.jpg
Freddy - 1 Week Old