Cwtchycats Lady Purisma (Armona)
Tajeschidolls Bobby Dazzler (Bobby) 


Armona 3.5 Months (4).jpg


Bobby 17 Months Old (25).jpg


Became proud parents to 4 gorgeous kittens who were
born on April 16th 2024. We have 2 handsome boys and 2 beautiful Tortie girls.
These kittens will be offered to people already on our waiting list initially.
 *** Our Waiting List is now open again!
<Please contact us, for our kitten questionnaire if you would like to join it! * * * 


Ria - Moni - 4 Weeks (2).jpg
Ria at 4 Weeks Old, with Mum, Armona

We are very proud to introduce Armona & Bobbys' Litter - the first for them both!
You would never know Armona was a first timer, she coped with everything beautifully,
and has taken to motherhood like a duck to water! 


Week 1: These kittens were a really lovely size when born, and Armona has managed to feed them all and get great weight gains on them in her first week! She is so loving being a Mummy and the kittens are growing and thriving. You can just see the colouring coming in on their noses and ears now - their ears are still close to their heads though, and their eyes are still closed.

17 Days Old: The kittens have changed so much in the time from the last photos! Their eyes are now open and their ears are starting to come away from their heads - this means they are starting to see and hear now! Neither are fantastic at this age, and they struggle to focus their eyes, but they are able to see. They respond to my voice already and I often hear little purrs coming from their birthing box when they feed from Mamma Armona, who is still the most wonderful Mum! Their colours / patterns are clearly starting to show now too and we are seeing the very beginning of climbing from them already.

3 Weeks Old: There has been so much development already in the kittens! They now have the extension run on their birthing box to give them more space and they are busy exploring their expanded world! Ria decided to lick her Mums' dry food and seemed to enjoy it! We have seen the beginnings of play this week, as well as climbing! They are coming out on the bed for cuddles now too, when Mummy will allow it! Their focussing is also improving! 

4 Weeks Old: Such huge development for the kittens again! They are starting to wean already and are pretty consistent already at using the litter tray! The first was Ria at just 3 weeks, 3 days, which `i'm pretty sure is an all time record here! They are actively playing with each other now, we've seen some `'crabbing", lots of climbing and just general really good fun now! We spend a lot of time with them now, and several of them purr the second we pick them up! Out of all the stages, I think this is my very favourite! They are so full of joy and wonder at everything!



Boy 1 - Cwtchycats Legend in his Lifetime (Legend)   

Seal Point Bicolour Boy 
Currently Under Evaluation

Legend - 4 Weeks (3).jpg
Legend - 4 Weeks Old

Legend - 4 Weeks (2).jpg   Legend - 4 Weeks.jpg
Legend - 4 Weeks Old

Legend - 3 Weeks Old (1).jpg   Legend - 3 Weeks Old.jpg
Legend - 3 Weeks Old 


Legend - 17 Days Old (3).jpg   Legend - 17 Days Old (4).jpg
Legend - 17 Days Old


B1 1 Week (2).jpg        B1 1 Week (3).jpg
Legend - 1 Week Old


Boy 2 - Cwtchycats Check Meowt (Chuck)  

Blue Point Mitted (with blaze)
Currently Under Evaluation

Chuck - 4 Weeks (3).jpg
Chuck - 4 Weeks Old

Chuck - 4 Weeks (6).jpg   Chuck - 4 Weeks (4).jpg
Chuck - 4 Weeks Old


Chuck - 3 Weeks Old.jpg      Chuck - 3 Weeks Old (1).jpg
Chuck - 3 Weeks Old 


Chuck - 17 Days Old (5).jpg   Chuck - 17 Days Old (4).jpg
Chuck - 17 Days Old


B2 1 Week (3).jpg   B2 1 Week (4).jpg
Chuck - 1 Week Old


Girl 1 - Cwtchycats Phantasmagoria (Ria)   

Blue Tortie Point Mitted Girl
Currently Under Evaluation

Ria - 4 Weeks (8).jpg
Ria - 4 Weeks Old

Ria - 4 Weeks (6).jpg   Ria - Moni - 4 Weeks.jpg
Ria - 4 Weeks Old


Ria - 3 Weeks Old.jpg      Ria - 3 Weeks Old (1).jpg
Ria - 3 Weeks Old 


Raine - 17 Days Old (4).jpg      Raine - 17 Days Old.jpg
Ria - 17 Days Old


G1 1 Week (3).jpg
Ria - 1 Week Old


Girl 2 - Cwtchycats The Rainbows End (Raine)  

Seal Tortie Point Mitted Girl
Currently Under Evaluation

Raine - 4 Weeks (5).jpg
Raine - 4 Weeks Old

Raine - 4 Weeks (8).jpg      Raine - 4 Weeks.jpg
Raine - 4 Weeks Old


Raine - 3 Weeks Old (6).jpg       Raine - 3 Weeks Old (4).jpg
Raine - 3 Weeks Old 


Ria - 17 Days Old (6).jpg   Ria - 17 Days Old (7).jpg
Raine - 17 Days Old


G2 1 Week (2).jpg   G2 1 Week (3).jpg
Raine - 1 Week Old


Litter 3 Weeks.jpg
4 Kittens relaxed at 3 Weeks Old

Litter - 17 Days Old.jpg
3 of the litter at 17 Days Old

Armona & Kittens Day 1.jpeg
Armona & her 4 kittens - 1 Day Old