Cwtchycats ImTooSexyForMyFur (Sassy) & 
Cwtchycats Mister Mistoffelees (Magic)
"Sesame Street Litter"


Sassy - 8.5 Months (25) copy.jpg


Magic 20 Months


Became proud parents to 6 huge and gorgeous kittens who were
born on July 20th 2021. These kittens are pre-reserved and will be adopted by people already on our waiting list.  

Sassy Kittens 10 Days.jpg
Sassy with her 10 Day Old Kittens!  

We are very proud to introduce Sassy & Magics' first litter! 
Sassy was an absolute trooper and laboured easily, without issues. All of her kittens are doing really well, they are huge kittens already - her milk must be really good stuff! 
These Kittens will be known as our "Sesame Street Characters Litter".


Girl : Turquoise Collar
Alice (Cwtchycats Alic Snuffleupagus)

Blue Mitted
Under Evaluation

Alice Snuffleupagus 10 Days Old (1).jpg   Alice Snuffleupagus 10 Days Old.jpg
Alice - 10 Days Old

Boy 1 : Cerise Collar
Cookie (Cwtchycats Cookie Monster)

Blue (HM) Bicolour
Under Evaluation

Cookie Monster 10 Days Old (1).jpg   Cookie Monster 10 Days Old.jpg
Cookie - 10 Days Old

Boy 2 : Silver Collar
Elmo (Cwtchycats Elmo)

Seal (HM) Bicolour
Under Evaluation

Elmo 10 Days Old.jpg   Elmo 10 Days Old (1).jpg
Elmo - 10 Days Old

Boy 3 : Purple Collar
Ernie (Cwtchycats Ernie)

Blue Mitted
Under Evaluation

Ernie 10 Days Old.jpg   Ernie 10 Days Old (1).jpg
Ernie - 10 Days Old

Boy 4 : Orange Collar
Bert (Cwtchycats Bert)

Blue (HM) Bicolour
Under Evaluation

Bert 10 Days Old.jpg   Bert 10 Days Old (1).jpg
Bert - 10 Days Old


Boy 5 : Pink Collar
Oscar (Cwtchycats Oscar)

Blue (HM) Bicolour
Under Evaluation

Oscar 10 Days Old (1).jpg   Oscar 10 Days Old.jpg
Oscar - 10 Days Old